Learn to Paramotor

Learn to Motor

Want to learn how to paramotor? Cloud 9 Paragliding can help you get there the right way.

We take a pretty basic approach to motor training. Paramotoring is paragliding with a lawn mower strapped to your back as a means of allowing take off and sustained flight from level ground just about anywhere. FAA airspace regulations are in full effect, so there are restrictions. With this in mind, it only makes sense to first get a good feeling for free flight paragliding without an engine on your back.

The first step is our basic paragliding program. See here for our paragliding packages. This process takes 10-14 lessons for the average person. We add some special skills and talk a lot about motoring transition along the way. Once you have your P2, we encourage you to then fly a bit on your own, or at least spend some time ground handling until you feel totally comfortable with worry free takeoffs and landings in ideal conditions. Sometimes this is right after completion of your P2, other times it’s after the student has played about a bit on their own. Once we both feel your landings and takeoffs are solid, we are ready to add motor training! We will advise you along the way on the proper wing for pure motor flying, or a hybrid wing that is ideal for both free flight and motor training.
We add one motor lesson at no additional cost with the purchase of a motor as long as lessons are on your motor. Again, we won’t want you flying your shiny new motor until we both feel you are ready for it.

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