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We all get ourselves into trouble sometimes. If you don’t need a repair but want to know the condition and life left on your wing, an annual inspection is the way to go.  This will help keep you safe next time you’re in the air.  You can also have us inspect and repack your reserve parachute if you want that extra set of expert eyes to check it out and pack it for the fastest openings.

We also offer user-replaceable repair, such as replacement line in a variety of colors. If you’re in the field and can’t take advantage of our repair services, you can make temporary repairs with our rip-stop tape that can be cut to your needs. While we don’t recommend it for long-term repair, you can use it on field repairs.

Yeah. We can fix that.

How it works

Download and print the repair form above, fill it out completely and include it with your shipment. You can use any carrier to send it to the address on the form. So long as the repair form is in the box, there’s no need to call in advance, just send it our way! Once your gear arrives, we will send an email to the address listed on the form with arrival confirmation and an updated wait time. Once our repair techs get to your gear, they will look over the whole thing for damage and put together an estimate. If you have marked ‘Call with Quote’, they will do so and get your approval before completing any work(note the repair cost does not include return shipping charges). If you decide it’s too expensive, we will ship it back to you with no repair charge(you will only need to pay for return shipping). If you approve it, we will finish it usually the same day or the next day. If you marked to ‘just fix it’, we will get to work right away without notifying you of the exact cost.

Once the work is completed, we will put together a return shipping invoice and give you a call or send you an email with your final total. You can pay over the phone via credit card, Venmo @Cloud9Paragliding, or PayPal direct to Once payment is received we will ship your gear right out. You can also pick up your gear at our store during business hours.

Our Services

Glider Repair $90/Hour

1 hour minimum

We can fix almost any damaged glider, including gliders ripped in two! Our repair department will assess the entire glider to find all the damage, and contact you with a quote (if specified on the repair form) before completing any work. With most rips, our trained repair technicians will remove the damaged panel and replace it with new fabric. Your glider will look good as new – the only sign of repair is brighter, cleaner fabric, and an extra seam where the new panel is sewn in.

It’s always difficult to tell from pictures how much a repair will cost. We will need to see the glider in person for an accurate quote, but if you want a general quote, you can use the following guidelines – most panel replacements take about 1-1.5 hours to replace, plus the cost of materials (usually just a few dollars)

Harness Repair $90/Hour

1 hour minimum

Harness repair can get pretty tricky, but if our repair technicians can get their sewing machine in there, we can fix it! Many times, however, people have to send their harness to the manufacturer directly to get it repaired.

If you have any questions on whether or not your harness is repairable, please email a brief description and several detailed pictures to, and our repair technicians will do their best. It’s always better to see the harness in person though – we’re happy to take a look at it any time.

Cloud 9 also works with many manufacturers. We can work with the factory to get your harness repaired and back to you as quickly as possible.

Reserve Repacks $50-$100

Round: $50

Square: $75

Rogallo/Steerable: $100

Our technicians will inspect your reserve for damage and let the reserve hang for up to 24 hours to minimize any memory. You can be sure it will open quickly and safely the next time you need it!

Note: According to our insurance, we are unable to repack any reserve over 10 years old.

Line Replacements $25

If you just need some lines replaced, and you know the specs for them, you can order line replacements directly off our webstore for $25 each: Ozone Gliders or Non-Ozone Gliders

If you don’t know the specs, take off the damaged line(or if the line is broken, the same line off the opposite side – we can’t duplicate a broken line!) and mail it to us with the repair form above. We can duplicate the line and mail it back to you.

You can also mail us the entire glider, but in that case the glider will go into our main repair queue. If you just send us the lines, build time is about 2-3 business days.

Annual Inspection $200

Annuals include inspection of your glider’s overall condition: attachment points, seams, internal and external condition, porosity test, wing clean out, line condition, line break test, riser trim tolerance, stitching, etc.  2 additional line replacements are included in the price of the inspection. Small pin holes and small tears will be patched with rip stop tape. Anything bigger, our techs will call you with options available. We are able to perform annual inspections on any brand.

We will provide you with a hard copy of your annual inspection report that goes into detail on how your glider scored in each category. A digital copy is available on request.

Note that annual inspections do not include line length measurements and line trimming.

Glider Trim $200

Cloud 9 is currently in the process of integrating laser trim checks. Currently, we can do hand trims on Ozone gliders only. Check back soon for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your current wait time?

Our wait time fluctuates greatly, but our average is about three weeks. You can check our repair queue spreadsheet here for a more accurate wait time, but please note that it is still just an estimate!

How should I ship my stuff to you?

We accept shipments regularly from any major carrier. Pack your wing as small as possible(without damaging the leading edge reinforcements!) and put it in a bag for extra protection. Packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc. are usually a waste of valuable space in the box. Shipping is expensive, so we recommend shipping in as small a box as your wing can comfortably fit. We don’t put insurance on return shipping unless specifically requested on the repair form.

How will I know when you have received my gear?

Once your gear arrives and is checked into our queue, we will send you an email with your unique customer repair number and our queue so you can see your gear’s progress at any time. If your tracking shows your gear has been delivered, and you haven’t received a message from us, please reach out – it’s possible your handwriting is terrible and we misread your email address.

How do I pay?

Once the work is completed and we have a final total including return shipping costs(if necessary), we will contact you directly for payment. If you are planning on picking your gear up, payment is due at the time of collection.

Do I have to send my gear for it to be entered into the queue?

Yes, currently all gear must be physically in our store to be considered in line for repair. We will work our hardest to get you your stuff back as quickly as possible, and we appreciate your patience and support!

Do you offer rush service?

We do offer rush service to those who need it. Cost is double the above rates, and we will have it finished within 1 week of arrival. Please contact us directly for Rush.

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