Learn to Speedfly

Want to Learn to Speed Fly?

If you’re serious, learn from the guys who brought the sport to the States!


Your M1(mini-wing certification) is an add-on to your paragliding certification. If you are not currently a rated paragliding pilot, see here for more information on how to get your P2(Novice Paragliding) certification. You can add on your M1 certification for $500 to either of our paragliding packages, and we can start speedflying training the day you get your P2. If you are already a P2 rated pilot, M1 lessons are $195 each.


Cloud 9 uses Ozone, SOL, Supair, X-DreamFly, U-Turn, and Ava.  Only the best for your training safety.  You can expect Cloud 9 to provide everything EXCEPT skis and backcountry safety gear (for those wishing to partake in extreme speed flying lessons in the winter).

What You’ll Need to Bring

Since Cloud 9 provides all the equipment for your lessons, all you’ll need to bring are sturdy shoes (or light

hiking boots), plenty of water and weather-appropriate clothing. It’s fine to bring a helmet from another sport as long as it is lightweight and allows you to hear the commands over the radio and offers good peripheral vision.

What you can expect to learn

What you can expect to learn is dependent upon the knowledge you already have about airsports. If you start your speedflying lessons with your USHPA P2 Certification, then you can likely expect to start learning with on larger mini-wings and slowly downsizing. If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll start the process by learning how to paraglide, and work your way into the speed wing after all P2 requirements are met. Lessons are a little less hands-on than paragliding lessons, as you’re already a rated pilot.

Where Cloud 9 Teaches

We are proud to teach at the Point of the Mountain Flight Parks. The majority of lessons take place at the South Side Flight Park, but some evening lessons are available(weather dependent) for those who are close to being certified.

Time Commitment Expectations

Most M1 certifications take 3-4 lessons, but this can vary depending on weather and your own personal commi



Course Add-on: If you are getting your P2 with us you can add the Mini wing rating program for an additional $500. Please note that you must do your P2 and M1 at the same time for this to apply.

Individual Lessons: Each Speed Flying Lesson at the Point of the Mountain Flight park costs $195.00.

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